Soosan Danesh

soosan image

I am intrigued by the unique landscape of Scotland and its ever changing light and atmosphere. Walking around the coast-line and watching the horizon across the sea or on land is very inspiring for my work.

My aim is to create atmospheric, emotional and engaging images, to offer the viewer a space to daydream or evoke a distant memory. I try not to think of the end result and just draw my line of thoughts and emotions of what I see.

I capture the images by camera and make some quick on-site sketches before working on new paintings in my studio. Usually I start with loosely brushed horizon and scene of colour washes across the surface of canvas or wood, in contrast with some crisp edges to emphasise a delicate balance between colour and lines.

I work with acrylic and oil paint, and predominantly in multiple or Triptych combinations, mainly Abstract or in recognisable landscape.