John Nowak – Lines of Enquiry

Red River

My paintings are abstract compositions based on the relationship of shapes, colours and forms and rather than being capable of any single interpretation they should be experienced and reflected upon by the senses through the eye. And as we are all different I am conscious that the way they are perceived will be conditioned by the individual viewer’s feelings, emotions and background.
Some of my larger paintings are simply what you see – regular, sharp-edged combinations of colour, line and form with variations in size and scale. There are also smaller works through which I have sought to explore the emotional relationship of shape and colour to musical sounds.

Pyramids 4
Working within an artists’ collective, I believe that collaboration on all levels is an essential ingredient for success. Soosan Danesh and I share a fascination for the concepts of ‘horizon’ and we are working together on a project where we ask fundamental questions about how we might understand the significance of ‘horizon’. Initially we considered it’s physical properties – that of a line on the landscape where the sky meets the land but with the knowledge that it can never actually be reached. We then took a different approach thinking of ‘on the horizon’ as representing personal or shared goals and mental perceptions. Our project is very much a work in progress and we are conscious that the scope for visual representation of this complex and subjective area is vast if not limitless.

12 Horizon SD&JNCollaboration


See more of John Nowak’s work in the Lines of Enquiry Exhibition at the Maclaurin Gallery, Ayr, open daily from Saturday 2nd July – Sunday 6th August 2017


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