Reworked with Marion Barron



An exhibition by Mesh Artists Collective and Friends

Sciennes Gallery, Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL.

Open daily from 11am – 6pm, 4th – 27th November 2016

An integral aspect of an artist’s working practice is to periodically revisit, recycle and refine their initial ideas. REWORKED invites Mesh artists and friends to review their stock of research pieces and trial studies, further work them, and present them in reworked form. 

To encourage greater collaboration and opportunities for rethinking ideas, the group also have been tasked with reworking a research piece of another artist.  This brief aims to give artists greater understanding of their own personal development process and overcome any fear of departure from the initial ideas.

In the run up to the exhibition we will be posting a glimpse behind the scenes as the artists prepare their work.



What inspires you?

The contemporary urban landscape – the larger picture and the smaller detail.

Experimenting with colour, form, space, surface and perspective

Describe your working environment

The Fire Station Creative in Dunfermline, a very vibrant creative space. I have had a studio there for just over a year. It has everything I need to make work. I also sketch and photograph outdoors as much as possible.



What music do you listen to whilst working?

I mostly listen to Radio 4, but occasionally Planet Rock.

What book is at your bedside?

‘In Cold Blood’ by Truman Capote

How do you approach the Reworked brief?

Looking at older, unfinished pieces and applying my learning and development over the last year or two, to create something fresh and new.

 Find our more about Marion Barron through our Members’ Profiles and visit our exhibition to see the results of her reworks



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