The Shedding of the Red

1-IMG_3237 (1)

Mary Walters describes her work for the forthcoming Earthworks Exhibition;

“I have long been fascinated by rust, and the colours it produces. For this Earthworks exhibition, I have taken a single icon  – a rusting machine part found on the shore at Achiltibuie in North – West Scotland. I have let it rust into different types of fabric, and have seen images appear almost overnight, with colours ranging from subtle reddish oranges and tans to vibrant burnt siennas. Inspired by the resulting hues, I have added to these print marks a range of ochres I gathered in France some years ago.

The pieces of fabric themselves I have constructed separately, backed them with foamboard, and arranged them in the form of a personal geological timeline. I see insignificant human items such as this rusting object as miniscule components in a layered geological interplay of reinvention and transformation.”

The results of this investigative piece will be on show at Patriothall Gallery in Stockbridge, Edinburgh as part of a collaborative installation by Mesh Artists Collective. The Earthworks Exhibition runs from 25th April to 3rd May. Full details on our events page.


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