Irene Campbell on The Importance of Place


Place is important to me. I start all my resolved work with drawings that I make in situ and which are closely related to the research that I do to support my theme. I enjoy the freedom that drawing in a particular place gives me and from which I can retain both memory and atmosphere as they relate to place. As an artist living and working in Southern Scotland the environment is of great importance to me as is the continuing relationship and impact that human beings have on landscape, both urban and rural.

IMG_1854I work in a variety of mediums including mud and ash as well in the more conventional materials of paint, inks and chalk. My resolved work includes textiles, painting and print making while the collaborative process of working with other artists in the Mesh Artists Collective is an additional but important part of my own continuing artistic development.


For EARTHWORKS I have interpreted through the use of mud, ash and soot as well as with textiles the rock formation and soils of my own immediate location and have contributed to the enjoyable process of a shared sketchbook exchange for this,our current exhibition.

For further details of Earthworks please visit our Exhibitions and Events link


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