Going Round in Circles with Pat Beveridge

Pat Beveridge explains her work for the Earthworks exhibition:

“I began to think of how everything goes round in circles. One example is that the water that we drink today was drunk by someone thousands of years ago. Those same people in the early days of the development of man, realised the significance of the circle and constructed stone circles and circular dwellings. I am lucky to have three of these circular works within 10 minutes walk from my house in Glenrothes. They are themselves absorbed into the fabric of the ‘new’ town.”


Indeed, one of the sites at Balbirnie was excavated and moved in the 1970s to accommodate the widening of the A92.

Pat gathered soil from the sites and fallen leaves and berries. These she used to colour her cloth. She took the circle as her main motif and arranged these on dyed muslin, attaching them with hand stitching and paying reference to the stones and posts found on the sites.



“The only dye I used which was not local to the sites was turmeric, which I used to achieve the gorgeous yellow, and felt was justified as it gave the vibrancy I was looking for.”


Pat’s completed work will be on show at the Earthworks Exhibition, opening on 24th April 2015, at Patriothall Gallery, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.



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