Preparing for Earthworks

LOGO_IYS_en_Print_verticalMesh collective artists are working on a large scale collaborative work to celebrate International Year of Soils 2015. Members of Mesh are dispersed all over Scotland from the Western Isles to the Borders. Each participant is working with soil and natural materials from the earth in their location, to produce a large scale hanging installation. All the components will be brought together in an exhibition in April and May at Patriothall Gallery, in Edinburgh, to show the rich diversity of soil hues and textures around Scotland. In the run-up to the exhibition their progress will be documented here.


Barbara Rowell experimented with eco-dyeing processes with soil, found objects, and organic matter from the coastal path in East Lothian, to produce a range of marks on recycled scraps of natural cloth.


The various samples were joined together with hand stitched Kekki seams, to form a Korean Bojagi style construction. Kekki seams are triple stitched to provide form and structure.


The ancient practice of Bojagi was stitched in an almost trance-like state of concentration and offered Korean women spiritual release and a creative outlet, giving their lives meaning and joy.


Mesh Retreat weekend at St Monan’s

We had a fabulous weekend in St Monan’s and here are some photos.